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Hazzard Fab.Worx is a full service custom off-road fabrication and race shop located in Spokane, Washington. Providing personal attention and professional service, we take great pride in being able to meet our customer’s specific needs. Whether you’re addressing the drive-ability of your off-road vehicle or looking to build a complete show ready feature build, the Hazzard Fab.Worx team is here to help.


Our cutting edge tools, precision skills, and real-world experience can give you exactly what you’re looking for in an off-road or race vehicle. Our work has been featured in Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road, Off-Road, Crawl, and JPFreek Magazine as well as the Ultimate Adventure and Ultra4 brutality videos. However, Hazzard Fab.Worx didn’t just start overnight. It began as small fabrication shop created to fill a need in the local marketplace.

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While many local places offered the ability to bolt on parts, none of them provided their customers with custom fabrication or had the ability to build custom parts. Luke Shuman, the owner of Hazzard Fab.Worx, saw an opportunity. Having spent years working for other automotive and off-road companies learning the business from both the sales and service side, Luke thought it was time to start out on his own. Working out of a small duplex garage, Luke started Hazzard Fab.Worx and began working with customers and building custom vehicles.

In 2010, Luke saw an opportunity to expand and take Hazzard Fab.Worx to the next level. He moved into a larger location and finally had the bandwidth to tackle the larger project vehicles he wanted to work on. Within a short period of time, Luke was building multiple completive Ultra4 cars and gaining national attention. Little did anyone know that merely 3 years after conception, Hazzard Fab.Worx would be selected as the official fabrication shop of the 2012 Peterson’s 4wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure. With their recent expansion (almost 3 times their current building space), Hazzard Fab.Worx is excited to be able to take on larger and higher level builds.

Hazzard Fab.Worx welcomes your business and looks forward to helping make your dream off-road or 4×4 vehicle a reality. Our large facility is set up to take care of any project or job you have in mind. From complete custom builds or engine swaps to a simple bolt on suspension install, our attention to detail and quality is matched by none. Please send us a message about your next project and we’ll be glad to see how we can help!